Thursday, November 4, 2010

murky monotones

hey people,
 i know I've been slacking off with my blogging but i have to put school first before anything else, so there it is (i hope you bought that ;p ). Anyways since it was Anna Wintours bday today, I thought it was a good day to do some writing. Talking of Vogue, what is in vogue these days? Since fall kicked in and with the downpour of exams and assignments I've been taking refuge in my snugly over sized sweaters, jeggins and my ever-sought-after Steve Madden boots. I do have the minimalist down but I think I've had enough of the monotone! But I don't know what it is about Fall I feel like I gravitate towards black, grey, navy, beige and charcoals. So, yesterday to break the spell I went to do some retail therapy and what did I come back with? more grey sweaters, black corduroys, and a beige coat! and as I hung them in my closet it just camouflaged right in! HA. I guess it is what it is then,eh? but then it dawned on me that darker shades are very stealth and slimming and also since I'm like the biggest fan of the Olsen twins, this fall I'd pay tribute to their ever Gothic, ever black, ever eternal style.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

dilemma diverted under wraps

There comes a point in life where you’ve got to make a stand and choose what’s seems right to you. And that time has come for me. ‘It’ was (and some skeptics still do) considered as a fashion faux pas and looked down upon but as time went on and ‘we’ the rioters didn’t hesitate to let go I think we’ve finally made a statement and the verdict is....
Socks with heels is a yes-yes!! for Fall ;)

Ever since I saw Alexa Chung sporting the look I’d been very wary of the 50’s extended fashion trend but it grew on me as I saw more and more celebrities daring the look, and now it’s on runways everywhere!I love when fashion parallels with practicality and the best thing is I don’t look hideous while doing so!

We love our heels and accept it- sometimes our toes do actually go numb with cold and what better way than pairing it with socks?! Just bare in mind not to go too overboard with the idea. Be subtle. Don’t opt for anything too patterned or colorful; instead eye something that is more textured.  

Personally I think it doesn’t matter if you’re tall/short just right around the ankle is the best length but you can hike it up as much as you can (just be careful you don’t chop your legs off shorten your stature).

FYI  you can see im obsessed with Alexa Chung, love love love her! and her geek-chic style!

* All pics are taken from search engines!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

i am glam

Hey people,
  Sorry for the late post, but seriously nobody is more relieved than me that the week is over! Did I tell you I’m taking 19 hours and that too in my senior year, plus all 400 level courses!! Phew!! Just stating that gives me a migraine! Why do I do it??  I’m a thrill junkie! I love to push myself to the extreme and that’s exactly what I got… these past weeks were all deadlines, exams, assignments, lab work!! lets see.. need I blog about anything I did that was worth mentioning? I went to support the “I am Glam” Fashion Show at University of South Alabama. We didn’t have any major sponsors, just a few local boutiques like Lotus and Hourglass, and yes, Buckle! The show was pretty decent and the ‘models’ did justice to the clothes, the music was fun and I had a good time. And I bought (common, I had to!) an amazing faux-fur coat from Buckle that just triggers your animal instincts and I can’t wait to show it off! Aaargh!

On the RED CARPET!! lol
Jacket- Private Gallery
Top- Hourglass
Shorts- Forever 21
Watch- Betsey Johnson
Shoes- Gap


Buckle showcasing their fall collection!

Aww... the boys from the football team support fashion
Lotus Boutique

Thanks to K. Daniel Photography for the pics, no infringement needed~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Put your best shoe forward

You know the saying… you don’t know what you had unless it’s gone?? Well, for me it was more like until it’s SOLD!! Sometimes you go shopping and you see something you want but not need, and then you try it on and take pictures in the changing room mirror with your cell-phone, just as a visual assurance? then decide you probably didnt need it! Well, I have a similar story but mine only chose to come back with a vengeance. It was last fall and my sisters and I were looking for boots in ‘Belk’ before heading to NYC for New Year. I had snagged myself a black knee-high-lace-up but my sister was still hesitating over the grey leather or suede brown, and it was there I noticed a lonely dark leather ankle length bootie, with laces, 4” heels, and a furry-knitted neck that held the ankle. It was gorgeous. Soon I was faced with a dilemma- do I buy it? (Yes! yes! shoes are an investment!) or do I just walk away (Well, didn’t you just buy a pair? and you’re going to shop in NY anyway)… Somehow with much bickering and self-contemplation I walked away from the influence of over-indulgence. I was proud of myself, I had an awesome time in NYC, and I rocked in my boots, end of story. Then, came retribution, when the September issue of Teen Vogue (I find it more in tune to my style) came in my mail, first page: Aldo advertising the hottest booties of fall 2010, look-alike shoes that I had walked away from!! And to add to my misery the magazine was full of models sporting the ankle-length boot that was kinda like the bootie of 2010. Needless to say, I sulked all week and now I’m on a mission to find me a pair and the lesson I learned was to never walk away from a shoe, esp., those that are so mean looking, you never know when they might come click-clacking at your door!!

Anywho, leaving my pathetic anecdote aside, here are some booties for this fall that to me are pure creations and oh-so-comfy to wear!

These ones right here are wedges meet oxfords! They take you up so high, you're almost close to heaven and celebs like Mischa Barton have been seen with this one. Its totally bohemian and sophisticated and you can easily tread on this one anywhere you want!!

These are my personal fav...I'm in love with clogs right now, they are perfect for my tiny feet and they are so easy to walk in (I could literally walk a mile in them) and now for fall, they have faux fur linings!!! It just warms my heart! Wouldn't it be the perfect way to snug your feet for the winter and look fierce (snap!)

Last but not the least, my all-time-fav, rugged biker boots that look exceptionally good on anyone and i mean a.n.y.o.n.e. They are simple, buckled, hassel-free, and gives the message that you can beat anybody's derrière!! Talk about being rebelious! But I have two options to choose from, one's Lucky Brand -need I say more? and they also have it in military green but if you are feeling a little thrifty then I found one at GapKids, that are similar and still has the badass (i couldnt think of a better word to describe it) vibe to it!!

GAP Kids


Me at Rockafella, NYC

Hope these shoes inspire you as much they inspired me!!

** All pictures have been copied from search engines. None of them are mine, except the one that has 'me' in it!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to Basics!

Going into the first week of school for this fall, I soon realized back to school meant getting back in style. We’ve all had at least one month of languorous summer break, the humidity is gone and isn’t fall just the best time ever! I simply love college! Not like Asher Roth, but in a way that it’s like a giant human collage representing our own individual styles. So without much a due, the must haves this season..........


Denims: Lots of it!! Denim is my fav fabric for fall, its tough, its laid-back and its à la mode! Denim racer-backs, rompers, jumpsuits, dresses, vests, jackets, you name it. It’s so casual that it blends into the school stream yet you make a statement.

Next, Chiffon: rainbows of it!! I’m in love with the camel chiffon maxi, it’s a total OMG, and the romantic patterned chiffon blouses and dresses are to dye for… get it?? (my attempt at intelligent humor)

Then Plaid: boxes of it!! Nothing says 90s like some grunge, oversized flannel plaid, celebrities have sported this look on and off, and it still is a rage!!

 Lastly, Dr. Martens: Full of Sole!! I just love it when goth goes glam, and even though this did start last fall, it is definitely becoming a fall staple this year (thanks to Steve Madden, and Material Girl). From black to beige, and neon green to hot pink, just pick a shade - pair it with shorts, dresses, minis or jeggings- and you’re good to go!

These are just my fall basic must-haves for school and I hope they are insightful, but you all know nothing beats college wear than your school team-spirit tees!!
Goooo Jaguars!! USA!


** All the pictures have been copied from search engines. None are mine!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jackson’s Gone….but the Jacket Remains!!

Inspired by the late Michael Jackson, with his impeccable style in fashion and music, this winter let us pay tribute to Jackson by adorning the military jackets!! Whoever said Fall had to be dull, cold and boring!!?? We can edge it up, glam it up to make it the hottest winter!!
Celebrities are going crazy for it and I may just know why. Its just the perfect fitting, the slight puff-straight shoulder, the edginess and the way it completes a look…its the winters best trend, and I have a feeling its here to stay. It can be classic, like the all black and white affair, or being bold with the blue and the red, both has its own statement, just pick one which is more you. The military jacket can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans or can be funky with a pair of shorts. You can even go “Trench” style for the much colder months ahead…I’m telling you, you’ll never wanna take them off!!! …Plus, the military jacket is the perfect way to go from a day look to the night, with some help from the shoe department**.
Remember, you own the jacket so make it your own, and be creative and dress it up or down.. anyway you want, after all fashion is what you create! And to whoever said the military jackets were only for the punks! …think again! Am I right, ladies????  We came, We saw and We conquered!! and plus ....WE DO IT BETTER!

** Clogs are to die for right now, check out Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden.

PS. You know its a seller when even "K-mart" has it and advertises it through VOGUE!! True Story.

**All pictures have been copied from search engines, none of 'em are mine.

Monday, August 16, 2010

WHITE is Right!!

I know it’s not fashionably correct to use humid and denim in the same sentence, but I think its time for a revelation. We all have, at the least, one pair of jeans, a pair of denim shorts (don’t you just love ‘em!!), denim jacket and everything worth having in denim!! I know we love the blue, the gray, the black, the washed, the bleached denim, but now say hello to the white denim. Yes, White!! Unfortunately, I have to admit ‘Govinda’ and ‘Mithun’ might have had a hand in this up roaring fashion trend, but hey! Who cares when it looks so good on you? White denim is a must-have this season as it gives a very cool and fresh feel, just perfect for the scorching heat. White denims scream elegance yet on the other hand it has a daring statement of itself. While denims in general have a very stuffy and rigid look to it, denim in the whitest-hue has a dramatic soothing effect. The white denim can be teamed up with anything, bright bold colors or a head-to-toe white (be careful to accentuate it with bold accessories). You can wear white denims everywhere, from a casual outing to a classy night out and it is also for the very feminine, say white jeans with a floral top, or someone more edgy, like white jeans and Dr. Martens. The only downfall to white denims or white fabrics commonly is that it is high maintenance so do opt for a sunny day to wear it! So, take your pick with denim, skinny jeans or cropped capris, jackets or vests, shorts or shirts, just remember its gotta be WHITE!

PS. Those who don’t know what Govinda and his friends wore years ago, Google them and keep fashion tabs because the 90’s are having a serious comeback!!

** All the pictures have been taken from search engines. None are mine, except the one with me!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Your Saleness!!

If there is one thing that gets me all hyped up other than Harry Potter, (Twilight sucks I’m a total die-hard fan btw ) it’s a STORE WIDE SALE!! And when I got an email stating that I had just missed the first week sale of the Iris Boutique, I jumped right into it. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like that sale in the movie ‘Shopaholic’ where the girls are fist-punching over Gucci boots but yes, it does get a little intimidating. You have to get into combat zone when you enter a store, leaving your manners at the door and leaving no-one or nothing behind. You don’t second guess, you just grab everything you like, and then you try it and finally decide. Alas, all the nice, fitting clothes were long gone :( and it also did occur to me that I could grow into a size medium, hmm?? but that wasn’t very wise, was it!! Luckily, I discovered a Victorian silhouette ring amidst a heap of necklace, and it has this old elegant feel to it and the blue hue gives it a cool summer vibe... I totally fell in love right then!! and walked away from the boutique feeling like a Queen!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog #1

Rags to Revolution: I know I’m being too ambitious with my phrase there but a girl can try! I'm not a slave to fashion but I do have a flair for it so I would love to take you with me as I explore the fashion world with my own quirky sense of style. Love it. Hate it. And don't make me wear the lizard/snake printed lycra leggings!(yes, I’m guilty, but to my defense it was only $10 at Forever21!) Please be patient with me as I do tend to digress a lot, because fashion to me is my reflection and sometimes it’s more of "me" than just being fashion! Lastly, happy reading!