Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to Basics!

Going into the first week of school for this fall, I soon realized back to school meant getting back in style. We’ve all had at least one month of languorous summer break, the humidity is gone and isn’t fall just the best time ever! I simply love college! Not like Asher Roth, but in a way that it’s like a giant human collage representing our own individual styles. So without much a due, the must haves this season..........


Denims: Lots of it!! Denim is my fav fabric for fall, its tough, its laid-back and its à la mode! Denim racer-backs, rompers, jumpsuits, dresses, vests, jackets, you name it. It’s so casual that it blends into the school stream yet you make a statement.

Next, Chiffon: rainbows of it!! I’m in love with the camel chiffon maxi, it’s a total OMG, and the romantic patterned chiffon blouses and dresses are to dye for… get it?? (my attempt at intelligent humor)

Then Plaid: boxes of it!! Nothing says 90s like some grunge, oversized flannel plaid, celebrities have sported this look on and off, and it still is a rage!!

 Lastly, Dr. Martens: Full of Sole!! I just love it when goth goes glam, and even though this did start last fall, it is definitely becoming a fall staple this year (thanks to Steve Madden, and Material Girl). From black to beige, and neon green to hot pink, just pick a shade - pair it with shorts, dresses, minis or jeggings- and you’re good to go!

These are just my fall basic must-haves for school and I hope they are insightful, but you all know nothing beats college wear than your school team-spirit tees!!
Goooo Jaguars!! USA!


** All the pictures have been copied from search engines. None are mine!


  1. I agree with the plaid and the denim. Chiffon for fall? I am not so sure, and Dr. Martins should never come back in style as far as I am concerned.

  2. First of all, thanks for reading!! and i really appreciate your comment :) and as for chiffon, i think its great for layering for the fall, and Dr. Martens?? common, just run by it..and you may like what you see!!