Thursday, September 30, 2010

i am glam

Hey people,
  Sorry for the late post, but seriously nobody is more relieved than me that the week is over! Did I tell you I’m taking 19 hours and that too in my senior year, plus all 400 level courses!! Phew!! Just stating that gives me a migraine! Why do I do it??  I’m a thrill junkie! I love to push myself to the extreme and that’s exactly what I got… these past weeks were all deadlines, exams, assignments, lab work!! lets see.. need I blog about anything I did that was worth mentioning? I went to support the “I am Glam” Fashion Show at University of South Alabama. We didn’t have any major sponsors, just a few local boutiques like Lotus and Hourglass, and yes, Buckle! The show was pretty decent and the ‘models’ did justice to the clothes, the music was fun and I had a good time. And I bought (common, I had to!) an amazing faux-fur coat from Buckle that just triggers your animal instincts and I can’t wait to show it off! Aaargh!

On the RED CARPET!! lol
Jacket- Private Gallery
Top- Hourglass
Shorts- Forever 21
Watch- Betsey Johnson
Shoes- Gap


Buckle showcasing their fall collection!

Aww... the boys from the football team support fashion
Lotus Boutique

Thanks to K. Daniel Photography for the pics, no infringement needed~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Put your best shoe forward

You know the saying… you don’t know what you had unless it’s gone?? Well, for me it was more like until it’s SOLD!! Sometimes you go shopping and you see something you want but not need, and then you try it on and take pictures in the changing room mirror with your cell-phone, just as a visual assurance? then decide you probably didnt need it! Well, I have a similar story but mine only chose to come back with a vengeance. It was last fall and my sisters and I were looking for boots in ‘Belk’ before heading to NYC for New Year. I had snagged myself a black knee-high-lace-up but my sister was still hesitating over the grey leather or suede brown, and it was there I noticed a lonely dark leather ankle length bootie, with laces, 4” heels, and a furry-knitted neck that held the ankle. It was gorgeous. Soon I was faced with a dilemma- do I buy it? (Yes! yes! shoes are an investment!) or do I just walk away (Well, didn’t you just buy a pair? and you’re going to shop in NY anyway)… Somehow with much bickering and self-contemplation I walked away from the influence of over-indulgence. I was proud of myself, I had an awesome time in NYC, and I rocked in my boots, end of story. Then, came retribution, when the September issue of Teen Vogue (I find it more in tune to my style) came in my mail, first page: Aldo advertising the hottest booties of fall 2010, look-alike shoes that I had walked away from!! And to add to my misery the magazine was full of models sporting the ankle-length boot that was kinda like the bootie of 2010. Needless to say, I sulked all week and now I’m on a mission to find me a pair and the lesson I learned was to never walk away from a shoe, esp., those that are so mean looking, you never know when they might come click-clacking at your door!!

Anywho, leaving my pathetic anecdote aside, here are some booties for this fall that to me are pure creations and oh-so-comfy to wear!

These ones right here are wedges meet oxfords! They take you up so high, you're almost close to heaven and celebs like Mischa Barton have been seen with this one. Its totally bohemian and sophisticated and you can easily tread on this one anywhere you want!!

These are my personal fav...I'm in love with clogs right now, they are perfect for my tiny feet and they are so easy to walk in (I could literally walk a mile in them) and now for fall, they have faux fur linings!!! It just warms my heart! Wouldn't it be the perfect way to snug your feet for the winter and look fierce (snap!)

Last but not the least, my all-time-fav, rugged biker boots that look exceptionally good on anyone and i mean a.n.y.o.n.e. They are simple, buckled, hassel-free, and gives the message that you can beat anybody's derrière!! Talk about being rebelious! But I have two options to choose from, one's Lucky Brand -need I say more? and they also have it in military green but if you are feeling a little thrifty then I found one at GapKids, that are similar and still has the badass (i couldnt think of a better word to describe it) vibe to it!!

GAP Kids


Me at Rockafella, NYC

Hope these shoes inspire you as much they inspired me!!

** All pictures have been copied from search engines. None of them are mine, except the one that has 'me' in it!!