Tuesday, October 5, 2010

dilemma diverted under wraps

There comes a point in life where you’ve got to make a stand and choose what’s seems right to you. And that time has come for me. ‘It’ was (and some skeptics still do) considered as a fashion faux pas and looked down upon but as time went on and ‘we’ the rioters didn’t hesitate to let go I think we’ve finally made a statement and the verdict is....
Socks with heels is a yes-yes!! for Fall ;)

Ever since I saw Alexa Chung sporting the look I’d been very wary of the 50’s extended fashion trend but it grew on me as I saw more and more celebrities daring the look, and now it’s on runways everywhere!I love when fashion parallels with practicality and the best thing is I don’t look hideous while doing so!

We love our heels and accept it- sometimes our toes do actually go numb with cold and what better way than pairing it with socks?! Just bare in mind not to go too overboard with the idea. Be subtle. Don’t opt for anything too patterned or colorful; instead eye something that is more textured.  

Personally I think it doesn’t matter if you’re tall/short just right around the ankle is the best length but you can hike it up as much as you can (just be careful you don’t chop your legs off shorten your stature).

FYI  you can see im obsessed with Alexa Chung, love love love her! and her geek-chic style!

* All pics are taken from search engines!