Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Its FINALLY here!

I cant believe its finally here!! I've been waiting eagerly for my winnings from Candies for weeks now, and today the package finally arrived- actually, not the package, only the slip since I was in school so I missed the delivery but still, I'm so excited!! Can't wait to show you what all I won for the Candies Holiday Wishlist!! Its huge!! I'm so blessed!!

Image and its contents belong to Candies. 

Mad for Monochrome

No, you're not seeing red, I am RED!Monochromatic Red!

 Anyways, I have wanted to go MONOCHROME for a long time, but I couldn't decide what color to choose, so when I discovered my dad's old red Cashmere sweater I just had to pair it with my red pants! Talk about vintage clothing, but the thing that amazes me is how fitting the sweater is, I don't know if the sweater shrunk or I grew?? Whatever it may be, I love it! and hope you guys like it too :)
 Sweater: Vintage // Jeans: Boutique // Shoes: Monte Bay // Bracelet: BCBG // Peter Pan Color Shirt: F21

 Posing in Walmart!

Cant get over my Harry Potter Wall Mania!! I'll do a better post of my room next time!