Thursday, December 22, 2011


Anybody out there??

I know this blogosphere is HUGE and its really hard to make it...I am not in the fashion industry, nor like to be in it (I'm more of a geek, I'd like to dabble in Informatics) but I do this blog just to keep myself occupied...wear a few clothes, share a few thoughts and take a few pictures!But lately I have this surge of empowerment by the response from some of the bloggers with their drop-in comments! Hence, I would like to thank all those who check out my blog, (even if they stumbled upon my site by mistake) but it really makes a difference to me, and for that I am really appreciative to all my followers :)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday Post!

I know its a little late, but here it is...''
I didn't do anything big this year..just shopping and dinner, but I do this 10 day countdown till my birthday where I make a wishlist and give major hints to all my friends and family so that I get at least one gift everyday! Its the only way I can milk all I can from my loved ones :)


 I love December!! Three reasons why I love December..

1. Its my Birthday!!! and I love it that I can drag it until the end of the month!
2. Its Christmas...who doesn't love giving  getting gifts?
3. Its layer on!! Best Season!

Yes, its snowing!! Inside my apartment!! LOL, just a little DIY project for the holidays!

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                          Me and my sister, people always say we look like twins, I cant say how!!
                                                                            Can you??

Merry Christmas to all of you, be safe and enjoy the holidays!! Much love!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fashion is an art!

Let me tell you this first, I have NEVER EVER painted before, but I surprised myself (I do that quite a while, like when I made my own dress...Wait, that qualifies as a whole new post!!;) when we went to a paint party studio for my sisters birthday, and I had an amazing time!! They give like 3 hours to paint, and sip wine while you do it, and you can bring your own food! Now, THAT's my style!

Look at me, I'm so focused, making sure my brush strokes are perfect!! NOT.

Hurrah, my work and WHOA!! its looks exactly like that over there, (if not better!!) for a first time painter, I'd say, well done mate!! Pat on the back!!...Ok, now I'm being narcissistic, I have to STOP! 

FYI I love my Zara shirt!!
My sister painted this, and we were like, Hell yeah!! Why  not pose! I just  went "Off with the heads!" Kidding, but how cute is that!?