Friday, December 9, 2011

Fashion is an art!

Let me tell you this first, I have NEVER EVER painted before, but I surprised myself (I do that quite a while, like when I made my own dress...Wait, that qualifies as a whole new post!!;) when we went to a paint party studio for my sisters birthday, and I had an amazing time!! They give like 3 hours to paint, and sip wine while you do it, and you can bring your own food! Now, THAT's my style!

Look at me, I'm so focused, making sure my brush strokes are perfect!! NOT.

Hurrah, my work and WHOA!! its looks exactly like that over there, (if not better!!) for a first time painter, I'd say, well done mate!! Pat on the back!!...Ok, now I'm being narcissistic, I have to STOP! 

FYI I love my Zara shirt!!
My sister painted this, and we were like, Hell yeah!! Why  not pose! I just  went "Off with the heads!" Kidding, but how cute is that!?


  1. yay you can paint!! damn you can paint. I am proud of you though :D good job mate. and love love the shirt <3

  2. I can paint!! It was a revelation to me too, thanks though :)

  3. beautiful pics!

    I follow u here , follow me please
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  4. Thanks for the kind words, Erika! Say hi to your new follower :)