Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY skull shirt

Just a little somin' somin' that I did while brushing my teeth! It literally took about two minutes! I'm not even kidding, such an easy project for something that looks so cool! Wouldn't you agree??!

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Back to School

Like I told you I'm back in school so I really don't have much time left, and now I'm also doing am internship so it's difficult to juggle all that and still have time for blogging! I just managed to take a few pictures in the parking lot before going to class! LOL.
I hate carrying that heavy laptop everywhere but I guess when you're an Informatics major you can't complain much,huh? Fortunately I have a cute nude leather case for it that I found in TjMaxx

Btw, I did cut my hair finally, and now I just have an inch of my ombré ends, it looks really cool when my hair is wavy and I'll have a hair post soon!