Thursday, September 30, 2010

i am glam

Hey people,
  Sorry for the late post, but seriously nobody is more relieved than me that the week is over! Did I tell you I’m taking 19 hours and that too in my senior year, plus all 400 level courses!! Phew!! Just stating that gives me a migraine! Why do I do it??  I’m a thrill junkie! I love to push myself to the extreme and that’s exactly what I got… these past weeks were all deadlines, exams, assignments, lab work!! lets see.. need I blog about anything I did that was worth mentioning? I went to support the “I am Glam” Fashion Show at University of South Alabama. We didn’t have any major sponsors, just a few local boutiques like Lotus and Hourglass, and yes, Buckle! The show was pretty decent and the ‘models’ did justice to the clothes, the music was fun and I had a good time. And I bought (common, I had to!) an amazing faux-fur coat from Buckle that just triggers your animal instincts and I can’t wait to show it off! Aaargh!

On the RED CARPET!! lol
Jacket- Private Gallery
Top- Hourglass
Shorts- Forever 21
Watch- Betsey Johnson
Shoes- Gap


Buckle showcasing their fall collection!

Aww... the boys from the football team support fashion
Lotus Boutique

Thanks to K. Daniel Photography for the pics, no infringement needed~

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