Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jackson’s Gone….but the Jacket Remains!!

Inspired by the late Michael Jackson, with his impeccable style in fashion and music, this winter let us pay tribute to Jackson by adorning the military jackets!! Whoever said Fall had to be dull, cold and boring!!?? We can edge it up, glam it up to make it the hottest winter!!
Celebrities are going crazy for it and I may just know why. Its just the perfect fitting, the slight puff-straight shoulder, the edginess and the way it completes a look…its the winters best trend, and I have a feeling its here to stay. It can be classic, like the all black and white affair, or being bold with the blue and the red, both has its own statement, just pick one which is more you. The military jacket can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans or can be funky with a pair of shorts. You can even go “Trench” style for the much colder months ahead…I’m telling you, you’ll never wanna take them off!!! …Plus, the military jacket is the perfect way to go from a day look to the night, with some help from the shoe department**.
Remember, you own the jacket so make it your own, and be creative and dress it up or down.. anyway you want, after all fashion is what you create! And to whoever said the military jackets were only for the punks! …think again! Am I right, ladies????  We came, We saw and We conquered!! and plus ....WE DO IT BETTER!

** Clogs are to die for right now, check out Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden.

PS. You know its a seller when even "K-mart" has it and advertises it through VOGUE!! True Story.

**All pictures have been copied from search engines, none of 'em are mine.

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