Monday, August 16, 2010

WHITE is Right!!

I know it’s not fashionably correct to use humid and denim in the same sentence, but I think its time for a revelation. We all have, at the least, one pair of jeans, a pair of denim shorts (don’t you just love ‘em!!), denim jacket and everything worth having in denim!! I know we love the blue, the gray, the black, the washed, the bleached denim, but now say hello to the white denim. Yes, White!! Unfortunately, I have to admit ‘Govinda’ and ‘Mithun’ might have had a hand in this up roaring fashion trend, but hey! Who cares when it looks so good on you? White denim is a must-have this season as it gives a very cool and fresh feel, just perfect for the scorching heat. White denims scream elegance yet on the other hand it has a daring statement of itself. While denims in general have a very stuffy and rigid look to it, denim in the whitest-hue has a dramatic soothing effect. The white denim can be teamed up with anything, bright bold colors or a head-to-toe white (be careful to accentuate it with bold accessories). You can wear white denims everywhere, from a casual outing to a classy night out and it is also for the very feminine, say white jeans with a floral top, or someone more edgy, like white jeans and Dr. Martens. The only downfall to white denims or white fabrics commonly is that it is high maintenance so do opt for a sunny day to wear it! So, take your pick with denim, skinny jeans or cropped capris, jackets or vests, shorts or shirts, just remember its gotta be WHITE!

PS. Those who don’t know what Govinda and his friends wore years ago, Google them and keep fashion tabs because the 90’s are having a serious comeback!!

** All the pictures have been taken from search engines. None are mine, except the one with me!!

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