Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maxi to the Max

Who isnt obsessed with this year's fave summer trend?? Long Skirts!! Hello?? Its just the perfect hippie boho-chic look that I love. I bought a sheer one just yesterday, and ill upload a pic as soon as I get a chance to wear it! (Hallelujah, Tax Free Weekend!)

The skirt I'm wearing is from F21 (obviously! ha ha) so I like to upgrade the look with some brand accesories..you know 'Mix and Match' brand labels.

  • This one is with an imitation of Hermes Collier de Chien that I found in, where else?? F21! I was giddy with joy when I found this!  I always rummage through F21 like a lunatic because you never know what you get! Trust me.

  • For this, I paired it with a Marc Jacobs watch that I got for my graduation!
So there you have it, my summer essential no.1 this year! Cheerios :)

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